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Perks Program

Join our new WOM CPP program, a discount program for co-op Members to support local businesses and those supporting healthy food access. It works like this: The business sets the discount or perk. Co-op Members show their Member Card when in the business to redeem discounts. Business owners will gain support through our social media posts and occasional features on our website.

Here’s how it works:

1. Partner businesses set the discount. Set any percentage discount, dollar discount, or what ever perk you wish.

2. Wild Onion Market Co-op (WOM) Members show their Member Card when in the business to redeem discounts.

3. The program will be publicized to over nearly 600 individuals and households in Evanston, Edgewater, Rogers Park, and West Ridge through our website, social media and through newsletters. Six newsletters per year go out to the general community with over 3000 persons on our distribution list.

We offer to our business owner partners:

1. On our website under Community PartnersPerks, we will name you and your business with a brief description you provide.

2. We will post your business and that content on our social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). We can update that with special events you have as well.

3. We will feature business profiles in occasional postings on our website.

4. We will provide you with a poster and cards about our coop as well to show you partner with WOM and your community.


We expect to have over 1,000 co-op Members by the time we open our store. Join us in building a strong community coalition of local businesses to strengthen our economy. Together!


Contact Board members for more information:


What’s a Co-op?


A cooperative (co-op) is a values-driven business, which makes it different from other grocery stores. We are community-owned, which allows us to send our profits directly back to our members, our store, and to the community we serve. Because of this, we can remain committed to a triple bottom line: the economic, social and environmental responsibilities that shape our co-op from the ground up.

Our Core Values

We are an intentionally inclusive community with the following core values:

Healthy food access for all

Fresh, healthy food is a right, not a privilege. We are creating policies to ensure that our food supply is affordable, fresh, pesticide-free and nutritious.

A resilient local food system

Our farmers and producers will be more then vendors — they will be family. We strive to help bring economic prosperity to rural communities that are part of our regional food shed.

Environmental stewardship

We desire to lessen our impact on the planet. From our supply chain to waste disposal to energy consumption, we will make it easier for shoppers to live green.

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